Thursday, March 17, 2022

Geese Fly Home

Happy Friday! Four beautiful quilts sent in today by Linda S., starting with this stunning rainbow Flying Geese quilt. (Thanks for letting me know this is the Wild and Goosey patten by Bonnie Hunter.)

These geese are pieced with micro precision, finishing about 1" tall. You can see my hand for scale, I have quite small hands.

Next up, Linda sent this large string quilt in brown and blues.   

It reminds me a little bit of this one I made a long time ago. 

The first 2 quilts were machine quilted and these last 2 are hand quilted. Do you hand quilt? I can't imagine having the patience. And I think it would make my hands cramp.

Hand quilting is so pretty! I love this pattern in the sashing. 

It was hard to get a picture of the quilting in the squares, but each on has a bird quilted on to it. 

Lastly, this pretty hand quilted basket quilt. 

I saw on the news that there is a vote in Congress to end the switching back and forth with daylight savings time. What do you think?  It would be nice to not have the clock in my car be off by the hour for 6 months out of the year. 

Here's Sundae demonstrating the proper position for Spring Saturdays.  Have a good weekend! 

Covered in Love is a 501(c)(3) charity that donates quilts to patients dying in the hospital, over 900 so far! During March/April we are supporting the Hands2Help Challenge instead of our normal block drive.  Check out the main post HERE if you want to get involved. 

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  1. Beautiful quilts! The tiny geese are amazing! But the kitties - I agree with Sundae about the position, but brother seems to be rolling his eyes...

  2. I wonder if the flying geese quilt was made with Bonnie Hunter's Wild & Goosey?

    I wish my car clock was only off by an hour. I got hit by Honda's Y2K22 bug. Every time I start the car it's 1/1/2002 4:00. Honda says it will start working properly again in August. Quite annoying.

    Love the cat on his back.

    1. Oh my! That Honda problem needs to get fixed before August!!!!!

    2. Yes, that is a Bonnie Hunter pattern, paper pieced. I

  3. Those are lovely quilts, and I can't imagine hand quilting one that size, or any size for that matter. We are quite ready to have the time change done away with! Your kitties are precious. My Jack looks like your ginger kitty.

  4. Sigh... Wild and Goosey has been on my To Make List for quite some time. Too bad I'm not a fan of paper piecing! Linda's String quilt looks SEW cozy and I adore Basket quilts! Can't imagine hand quilting like that or the modern one and choosing to donate them. SEW sweet!

  5. Wonderful quilts! The flying geese are impressive. I will not be making such a quilt.
    My DH suggests you get two cars - one for Standard Time and one for Daylight Savings Time. His advice is not always practical!

  6. Wow! That are soooo many flying geese. Amazing. And I love the border from squares. PS: No, I don't think I will ever have the patience for hand quilting (a full quilt). But I know one hand quilter and I am always impressed by hear quilting work. xo

  7. What a surprise today to read this blog and see my quilts! I am happy they are going to a good cause. One of my favorite ways to relax is to hand quilt, something about the rhythm and peacefullness of it. The flying geese quilt is a Bonnie Hunter paper pieced pattern. Several of the members of one of my quilt groups made them and all came out beautifully.

  8. These are so beautiful!!!!! Really pretty. I have hand quilted a few, and actually love the process. But it does take (me) lots of time. So I dont do all by hand. Time change.... I wish they would forget changing. We nearly always miss a clock, meaning its possible in our house to think we have lots of time and actually we dont. These quilts today.... Lovely!!!!

  9. Yes, more pretty and amazing quilts. I hope to get back to sewing some more blocks for Covered in Love. 'Got my H2H quilt all finished also.