Thursday, March 31, 2022

Last of the 2021 Strings (and Friends)

Happy Friday once again, quilt-y friends! At long last I have photos of that last quilts from the 2021 block drive. 

If you remember, the 2021 drive was the one where you all made string blocks that were foundation pieced directly onto the batting. 

With another block drive wrap up comes another map:

At the same time, I wanted to do a round-up of some more string quilts that have been completed.

Top by Pam C, quilted by Linda

These two tops were sent in by Pam C. some time ago and finally finished by Linda on her longarm.

Top by Pam C, quilted by Linda

I really liked this floral quilting design with the leaves and little circles of peas or seeds.

Julie W. made this top of string foundation pieced onto batting in the style of the 2021 drive.  I "quilted" it, but all I really did was add a backing and loosely stipple it on since the quilting was really already done. 

Top by Julie W, quilted by me

Lots of fin colors and patterns in these fabrics.

In the past few months I've tried to organize my stash of leftover blocks. Pam D. helped out by assembling and quilting these into a quilt on her longarm. These are leftovers from the 2020 String Drive.

Leftover string blocks, finished by Pam

Christy G. had also sent in some string tops. I quilted this small, bright quilt during a flurry of activity last month.

Top by Christy G, quilted by me

This string top, also by Christy G., is made of shirtings scraps from mens dress shirts. This one was also sent to Linda and she quilted it on her longarm. 

Top by Christy G, quilted by Linda

Shirting quilts are some of my very favorites and some of the most popular with families at the hospital, for obvious reason. 

Lastly, this string top was paper pieced by members of the NURTURE circle of do good stitches.  (It was exactly the wrong size to make it difficult to photograph).

NURTURE circle top, pieced by Briawna, quilted by me

Briawna assembled the top and I quilted it.  It was tempting to use rainbow binding, but I thought black would help frame it. 

I found the perfect backing fabric to go with the wild top! 

So there we go, ten string quilts ready to go! I hope you're having a good week, make time to treat yourself.  Fudge got some pretty new toenails

Covered in Love is a 501(c)(3) charity that donates quilts to patients dying in the hospital, over 900 so far! During March/April we are supporting the Hands2Help Challenge instead of our normal block drive.  Check out the main post HERE if you want to get involved. 

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  1. Do your cats wear the fake nails all the time? I got some for mine but haven't tried them out yet..really need to do that. LOVE the string quilts!

  2. Great quilts!! I love each one. Those blue cat nails are fabulous!

  3. Such pretty string quilt show this time. I'm in love with the one from the members of the NURTURE circle of do good stitches. I love that layout! I've never seen paper pieced string quilt blocks before. So glad to see the map with 32 states & Canada represented this time.
    WOW! Fudge is ready for the "cat walk".

  4. A lot of beautiful quilts. Always so fun to see the variety in colors and style. And the cat nails are hilarious ;) xo

  5. Each and every one is amazing!

  6. I think you'll love how the claw caps help with scratching damage! And I love all these bright, gorgeous string quilts! Amazing how many pieces of fabric are contained in these. Wowzers!