Thursday, February 2, 2023

Longarmers to the rescue

Hello! This week I have a couple of tops completed by Covered in Love's devoted long-arm quilters. First this pretty, sweet top was sent in by Holly and quilted by Linda. There are lots of strawberries in the fabric and it makes me think of the strawberry shortcake dolls from years ago.

This quilt is a very generous size, so I was very grateful to be able to send it to a longarmer instead of wrestling with it on my machine.

Next is a top by Becky.  Some of you may remember that Becky drove to meet me and dropped of a whole bunch of tops kitted up with backing and bindings.

This large top was sent to Mel in south Texas. Meloney had a rough bout with Covid and I'm so glad she's back on her quilting feet. 

The wavy lines of quilting are perfect to complement the super geometric plus designs. Thanks ladies! 

Fudge has achieved maximum coziness.


  1. I love the colors on both of these! Many thanks to our loyal piecers and quilters for getting them ready to comfort a couple families!

  2. Fudge is a magnificent cat!!! The quilts are wonderful, but your cat is the star today for me.

  3. Fudge is adorable, and the quilts are beautiful. I'm still not there yet, but I will be and then I'll volunteer my longarm, too. I know I'm 900 miles from Livingston, TX, north of Houston, because we were parked there when my husband died. It isn't right next door, but I'm willing, when I heal to that point.

  4. Another week of sharing beautiful quilts created by talented quilters and longarmers.

  5. What a team of dedicated quilters who give from their hearts. Fudge provided the comic entertainment!