Thursday, January 26, 2023

Return from the Land Down Under

G'day quilters! I'm back from a nice trip to Australia visiting a friend and seeing the area around Melbourne. Thanks to Louise for doing some fill-in posts while I was gone. I always love how she puts together so many disparate blocks into coordinating quilts.

This week I have several quilts that came in finished from two different quilts. These first two are from Julie W. Firstly a very precise and impressive sampler quilt in a soft color scheme. 

Next Julie sent in this awesome purple quilt. I love the color scheme and how the simple design looks so complex. 

I also love the geometric quilting panto she chose, perfect for the design! 

Next, two quilts by Tina. I should have taken better photos of this one. It's a beautiful applique sampler of different flowers.

These lavender have fun tufted, textured flowers that I tried to get a close up of.

Lastly, another sampler quilt in a soft color scheme from Tina. Samplers are always fun to look at! 

Here's a photo of the famous "Twelve Apostles" rocks. Maybe I'll make a Friday post of some of the best photos from my trip?


  1. Gorgeous quilts and vacation photo, Kat!! Welcome back!

  2. Lovely quilts. It is fun seeing all the quilts you get. I would love to see some of your vacation photos. Australia is on my bucket list. :)

  3. Lovely quilts and it sounds like a dream trip.

  4. These quilts will lift anyone’s spirits! I am glad you could get away and refresh.