Friday, January 13, 2023

Sibling quilts

Hello, friends! Louise here again to share some of the latest quilts made from your blocks. Today I'm featuring what I call "siblings." Siblings are groups of blocks that were made by the same person, usually the same design and often the same fabric line. They are fun for me to put together into finished quilts.

The photo at the top is a cool modern design made with blocks from our very own Kat! She sent me a big bunch of finished blocks and a few precut bits and pieces that I used to made enough for a nice size lap quilt. I love how the colors glow against the gray background.

The homespun stars marching neatly across this quilt were all cut by Priscilla. She also stitched a bunch of them together and sent them in with all the remaining precisely cut pieces. All I had to do was follow her lead, finishing the rest of the blocks and adding sashing and borders. 

I don't have any of these woven plaids in my stash, so it was a nice change of pace to use Priscilla's to make this dignified and masculine quilt. Thank you, Priscilla!

These red, white and blue churn dash siblings clearly needed to stay together for family harmony. I like the secondary patterns that form between the blocks when they are set without sashing. A fun lighthouse print border gives the whole quilt a jaunty nautical look. 

Here's another more modern example of sibling blocks. The columns are made of blocks that are each two contrasting fabrics. They arrived all together in a ziplock baggie. It was a simple matter to stitch them into long skinny strips and offset the columns in a neutral background. I think the fabric line is from Tula Pink, with glimpses of birds and flowers. 

And finally, these siblings arrived as a VERY tight knit group! Donated by Diane N., most of the blocks were sewn into a long, skinny wall hanging, featuring over a dozen unique machine embroidered designs.

Look at this cool seashell!

Some of the blocks were embroidered onto batting, so they were prequilted.

Others were stitched onto a layer of stabilizer and needed batting. I used scraps of batting and the purple fabric from the back of the wall hanging to piece this together. It was similar to a "quilt as you go" project, with lots of head scratching to make it rectangular!

This butterfly block is one of my favorites, and arrived as a separate "bonus" block. Many thanks to Diane for sending in this unique project!


  1. Louise, you've worked your magic once again.

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  3. Wow! lovely quilts I’m loving the color combinations

  4. Always a treat to see what you've been working on, Louise!! Thanks for all you do for Kat and Covered in Love.

  5. You've done a great job, as usual, working all the blocks in these quilts Louise.

  6. Wow! Such different quilts. The last one is really cool, you did a great job working with all the different pieces.

  7. Louise, You continue to amaze and inspire me!!!! Bless you!

  8. Well done on morexquilts as generous gifts to others, wonderful!