Friday, January 20, 2023

More comforting quilts from your blocks

Kat is taking a well-deserved vacation so I'm filling in again this week. Here are a few more recent finishes featuring YOUR orphan blocks! Up first is this classic kitchen sink quilt with a little bit of everything in the mix.

The center block was made by Stephanie M. Isn't this little birdie and his house just so cute? She used this block to teach a class at her guild on how to do starch turned applique. Her applique work is amazing, so I'm sure the class was a success!

Next is this bright, happy piece made with a variety of 9" blocks. I spy crumb blocks, leftovers from a Bonnie Hunter mystery, rail fences, strings, and many more. I added drop shadows to make them pop out and add consistency. 

There were lots of these teensy nine patches that I set with grey fabric into bigger nine patches. So fun!

This quilt used up another group of rather miscellaneous blocks, all around 12". I know some of these blocks were sent in by Jan, Karen and Priscilla. You might remember that the ones across the diagonal were a block drive from a couple years ago. Kat often ends up with a few drive blocks at the end and those work their way into my studio. It's our goal for each and every drive block to end up in a Covered in Love quilt! Sometimes it takes a year or two, though.

This block, which doesn't show in the photo above because it is flipped over the top of Kat's railing, is made from small hand-stitched animal pieces. They came to me as round shapes, so I machine appliqued them onto squares. With only 7 critters, it was a bit of a puzzle to figure out how to arrange them, but I think this works pretty well.

The back of this quilt includes a long skinny pieced panel with roses and text fabrics. I love a good blowsy rose floral fabric, don't you?

No old fashioned roses in this next quilt! This one is modern fabrics, geometric blocks, and a crisp analogous color scheme. I love purple, green and teal together.

These blocks made from wedges are super cool. I think they were cut using a Dresden ruler, then set against various grey backgrounds. I made sure to place them next to the classic Dresden fan block.

Kat sent me a bunch of loooooong strips of fabric, probably trimmings from backings. I had fun piecing some of  them together for a back to this quilt. The one second from the bottom, with flowers and paisleys, is my favorite and I wish I had yards of it.

Speaking of block drives, these should look familiar! Yes, it's the ever popular red, white and blue star block drive. Since there were only ten or so leftover blocks, I added other shapes in the same colors to fill this one out. It still packs plenty of patriotic punch.

And finally, this last quilt uses some pretty "square in a square" blocks that were donated along with a similarly colored charm pack. I used the "Charms on Point" pattern to make the center and added the blocks along the top and bottom. The top row is flipped up over the fence for the photo. Stephanie, the bird house maker, donated the sweet floral yardage for the border. So pretty!

Kat will be back next week and I hope she'll share some photos from her trip to Australia! 


  1. Well done, Louise. You certainly have a way with orphan blocks.

  2. They all look great. No blocks left behind.

  3. Good to see you again, Louise & those quilts are fantastic. It's so nice of you to not only take in the orphan blocks & make magic, but also to help Kat out with the blog & posting of the beautiful quilts. As much as I love the Red, White, Blue quilt, I think my favorite this week is the first one (the little bird house quilt). It just speaks to me. Thanks to all who made blocks, sent in backing, binding, bating & such.

  4. Louise, these quilts are fantastic! It's interesting to see the parts that might seem like they don't go together and how you turn them into such interesting and beautiful finished quilts. You have a real talent for this!

  5. You sure do a great job setting these blocks.... so much to remember for when I have some blocks that need setting......

  6. You always do a nice job, Louise. Thank you for what you do.

  7. Each quilt is a beauty. Love them all.

  8. These quilts are sure to bring a smile to each recipient's face, Louise!

  9. This is a magnificent display of quilts!