Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Authentic Scrap Quilt

Today I'm featuring another old quilt. This was technically my first finish of 2010. I finished quilting it at my parents' house just after Christmas, taking advantage of their big dining room table to quilt it. It's made from the scraps left from the Authentic throw. That quilt was made by sewing jelly roll strips together in sets of four and cutting squares on point out of them. That generated a ton of triangles made up of little slices of jelly roll. I put those triangles back together into squares. The smaller squares I bordered with muslin and the whole jelly roll strips I had left.

The LOVE the muslin I used in these two quilts. I'm out of it at the moment, unfortunately. It is natural, offwhite color with some imperfections and it paired so perfectly with the Authentic line. I also really love the black and cream fabric in the inner border and the binding. I think it's the simplicity of the color scheme with the ornate pattern that makes me like it so much. I have just a little of it left. The outter border is a leafy dark green batik that's another favorite. I quilted it with diagonal lines at varying distances apart. The batting is Warm & Natural and it's really quite heavy, especially for this part of the country.

This is the quilt the is on my bed, it's about large twin-size but works well on my full-size bed. It feels the most "me" of the quilts I've made. It's simple and the colors are subdued and the design grew easily from the scraps I couldn't bear to waste.

Meanwhile, there is a rainbow string quilt coming together on the design wall while the squares quilt waits for motivation to return.

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  1. Your scrap quilt looks great, I love the way you quilted it!