Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Table Runner

This quilted table runner, the one featured in my header, was a belated Christmas gift for my mother. I finished it in January. The colored border strips came from a Hill Country Spring jelly roll I won in the fall from Chris at Shared Creativity. The centers are from a Natures Notebook charm pack I picked up at the LQS near my home (which has a great online store, by the way.) The pattern is one I saw online somewhere a while ago. I have it saved on my computer as "French Kiss Diamonds". I quilted it with overlapping zig zags, following the borders and outlining the charm square centers. Poor planning left it not as long as I'd been aiming for, but I still love it (and Mom does, too!)


  1. Beautiful table runner. I love the design, fabrics, color & quilting. Excellent.


  2. Beautiful table-runner. What also caught my eye was the cat outside!!LOL