Saturday, May 22, 2010

And we're back!

As you can see Wilson has found his new spot on top of fabric storage. That's the rolled up bargello quilt he's sleeping on top of. I'm excited to have more room here and actually be able to unpack my fabric so I can see it all - not that I've finished getting it all put up.

I have finished sewing together the double irish chain top. It was supposed to be a leaders-enders project but I enjoyed piecing it so much I "cheated" and just finished it. All the colored patches are from a $10 scrap bag from my LQS. This top is 80" square and I've barely made a dint in that scrap bag! For this top the squares used were completely random, but for the next one (and there will be more!) I'm going to select a color scheme and stick to it. I'm thinking red and brown... or maybe blue and yellow.

Now that I've dug my camera out of my luggage I promise to start blogging again. Tomorrow I need to roll back the rug in the living room and baste quilts. I now have 3 tops in the "To be basted" pile. Hope your week is looking good!

1 comment:

  1. The Irish chain looks great.
    How do you find time to do everything?!