Monday, May 24, 2010

Wanted: Advice on Quilting (and another cat)

This is Calley, the next cat I'm profiling. Yes, I know that's the most un-original name for a calico cat ever. I named her E.T., but my parents overruled - so what can you do? She is the other kitten we kept out of Elvis' litter. She is the only girl out of our cats and she is absolutely the Princess (and she knows it!) Everything has to be her way all the time. She can be sweet when she's in the mood, but she's definitely more fickle than our boys.

When she was a baby she really looked odd, even alien, with her washed out fur, tiny, flat head, and strange eyes. She's a genuine knot head, figuratively and literally, having a little bump on the back to her skull. She was my dad's favorite of that litter, which is why she got to stay. I keep hearing him call her all the pet names he called me growing up, so I think I may've been replaced by a cat.

On the quilting front, today I basted the double Irish chain, or at least I was until I ran out of pins. It will have to remain taped to the floor for a couple of hours until I can run to the store. I am still undecided about the quilting for this one. I know I want to do some kind of straight line quilting. I am debating between quadruple diagonal lines running through the chains, possibly with something more elaborate in the blank squares, or horizontal and vertical lines a quarter inch on either side of the seams. I feel like the grid quilting would give it a more modern feel, which I like, but I'm worried it will overwhelm the piecing pattern. I also find the diagonal lines kind of boring, but I know it will accentuate the pattern and I could try something fun and new in the blank spaces. I'll probably start quilting tomorrow, so, any advice, guys?

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