Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cats and quilts

This is Elvis. (Modeling his summer haircut.)

As you know this a blog about cats and quilts. Since I've returned to my parents' house for the summer I'm back in the company of all five of our cats, so I'm going to profile one per post until I've covered them. Don't worry, I'll still talk about quilting, too.

Elvis was born in the summer of 08. His mother was a stray who stayed with us to have her kittens. There were 3 boys and 3 girls; Elvis was the only one with long hair. (On the right of the kitten-pile).

He's a total sweetie, baby boy. He likes to roll over and have his belly scratched and lounge around on the porch. He normally has wild, dense hair that's always getting stuff in it when he plays outside. A cloud of debris follows him (like Pigpen in Charlie Brown), which I part of the reason he gets a summer hair cut; besides, it's hot. Now, on to quilting!

 In the interest of full disclosure, this was the first quilt-y shaped thing I ever made. I don't really count it as a quilt for a few reasons. One, it's too stiff. The white fabric I found in my mom's scrap box was, like, upholstery weight or something. Also, it has nothing even resembling a binding. When I got to the edges I just rolled them under and sewed a seam. Both of these things are due to me not know anything more about quilting than "two layers of fabric with stuffing inbetween". It's based on this quilt, which was literally the first one to catch my eye on a google image search of "quilt". Like I said, I didn't know anything, I just wanted to try out my new sewing machine. I used a quilt-as-you-go method - it's the only quilt I've done that way - and it took me about 2 days from start to finish. It's ~4' x 6' and Not Even Close to square. I mean even wonkier than my quilts normally are. Overall, it may be better as a cat blanket, or to pad dishes when I move, but it's not too bad for a first "quilt".


  1. Fun post. Love Elvis's summer do. And I love your quilt.


  2. The quilt is pretty impressive for your first quilt and not have the right materials!

  3. doesn't look bad at all, you should see my first! LOL