Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Almost-wholecloth Quilting

How does one photograph whole cloth quilting? I think that's going to be a running theme with this quilt. Tonight crappy indoor light is the best I can do, unfortunately. Once it's finished I promise to get good pictures.

close up of the quilted star

So far I have quilted the pieced star and one of the stars on the body of the quilt (it's up on the upper right.) I have another partial star marked in chalk on the bottom right to quilt.  Once I get all the stars quilted I am going to fill in the open areas with some FMQ. I haven't decided what design I will go with yet.

The back is fun; I decided to make the quilt somewhat reversible.  I am using brown in the bobbin so the quilting shows up great on the back.

Ready to get back to work. Linking to WIP Wednesday, go check out everyone's projects!


  1. Very fun!! Lots of natural light, I suppose.. And getting some pics from an angle helps highlight quilting details (or so I've found), but that won't be of any use for a full quilt shot, now will it? ;)

  2. Very nice! I am wanting to do the star also. I think the reversible with the quilting showing up is a great idea.

  3. What! This is SO much like the one I am working on (currently stuck at the basting stage): http://sparrowlanequilts.blogspot.com/2013/04/quilt-progress-update.html Mine is small though, like large wallhanging. Yours is big and gorgeous! For photographing quilting I find that being on the opposite side of the light source (like a nice bright window just out of the frame) helps--probably to give the stitching more shadow and depth. I will now subscribe so I can watch your progress (and maybe find some inspiration to finally work on mine again!).

  4. That quilting looks great. As for photographing it, isn't the answer that if it's good subtle quilting it shouldn't really show in a photo only in the flesh.. not a very helpful answer I know!