Thursday, April 18, 2013

Feline Friday: Wilson Got His Toes Done!

Kitty Caps in action.  I got manly colors this time, blue and steel grey.

While shopping for ferret food earlier this week I found some Kitty Caps at PetSmart.  I had seen these online before and wanted to buy them, so when I stumbled across them in the store I decided to take a chance.  Elvis and Calley spend the majority of their time out side, so they need their claws, but Wilson spends most of his time inside and has a tendency for, umm, violent affection.

It looks like he's missing one but it's there, just retracted.  The caps don't impede him moving his claws at all.

So, Wilson got his nail treatment yesterday. I have to say, so far I am impressed with this product. The soft vinyl caps slide over the nail and stay in place with super glue.  Wilson wasn't thrilled about the process but he let me do it, and now that they're on he really doesn't seem to notice them.  They should last until his nails shed naturally and the $15 kit has enough caps to do his front paws 4 times, so it should last a while.  I'll let you know how they are working out after a week or so, but so far so good!

This pretty much sums up how Wilson feels about the Kitty Caps.  "Whatever."

Poor Wilson is going to go rolling over backwards the first time he tries to dig his claws into the carpet; I'll try to keep the other two from laughing too hard at him :)

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  1. Amazing! My oldest daugther is a crazy lady cat! I will tell her about this product!

  2. I might consider these for Squeaky - she has done some real damage to my couch and I'm not thrilled about it. The real question is if she would let me put them on...
    Happy Feline Friday!

  3. Too cute! I use to be a groomer so I've put those on before.
    I nominated you for a Liebster Award--my blog post has more info:
    I hope you join in :)