Friday, April 12, 2013

Feline Friday: It's a Cat's Life

After a week of sickness (hack, cough, sniffle), rain, and a final cold front the sun has finally come out here in Texas!

Wilson-kitty cautiously investigates the flowerbed.  He feels like he's in danger...
Wilson is my cautious kitty.  It is absolutely his personality.  I had to force him out the door to walk around the flowerbeds with me for five minutes, and then he was ready to go back in the house!

Calley stalks Wilson from the high ground
Calley is the princess (and don't you forget it!)  She prefers to have ALL the human attention for herself and has a habit of swatting, hissing, and scratching the boy cats if they wander into "her" space.  Consequently she spends most of her time outside.

Calley demands your attention!   "You may pet me now."
Meanwhile, Elivs is doing what he does best-- impersonating a furry rock.  He really prefers to be on my lap but he's just too much cat for one person! (He's a lot bigger than he looks in the pictures).

So that's what we're doing at the Kat house this Friday. Linking up to all the other kitties at Feline Friday.

(You can read more about all the kitties under the "Meet the Cats" tab at the top of the page.) 


  1. Your calico is a LOT like mine - demanding the world revolve around her. When I first saw the pic of Wilson I thought he had a tie on but it was just his collar and white fur. LOL! Happy Feline Friday (BTW - thanks for the reminder, I need a cats tab too!)

  2. Adorable - all 3! Each doing their own thing...

  3. I have to push my Tiger out the door sometimes also, he much prefers to be cautious, but he loves running in the backyard. You kitties are sweet!

  4. Callie is so pretty she deserves all the attention she is demanding. Wilson looks like a real cutie. She needs to share the human love, too. Elvis ...well, I just want to rub those furry ears and hear him turn on his motor. Does he have a big purr? I love purrrrrrry kitties. Thanks for sharing on Feline Friday ... :) pat

  5. Such beautiful kitties! Love, love, love Elvis' tail!