Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hi, My name is Kat...

...and I'm a quilter. (All reply: "Hi, Kat.")

I feel like I've admitted to a new level of quilting addiction. I finally ordered a whole bolt of quilt batting.  90"x30yds of fluffy white goodness.  I mean, as long as I was only buying enough batting for a few quilts at a time I wasn't really in over my head; I could stop at any time. (Really, I could have stopped...)  But buying 30yds of batting at once, well, I'm admitting (to myself and everyone else) that I'm in for a long haul :)

A new bolt of batting. Now, to find a place to put it...
  I decided to go with Hobbs Heirloom Natural with Scrim.   I like Hobbs for its lighter weight (as compared to my other standard, Warm and Natural) and with the scrim it can be quilted 8" or 10" apart.  I like not having to worry about density when I'm quilting.  I ordered from Kingsmen Quilting Supply and they were wonderful to work with!

Since I wrapped up the do. Good Stitches quilt I was kind of at a loss for what to work on next for a few days.  I decided to try to get back to quilting my Stash Bee quilt (not least of all because I needed to reclaim the pins its basted with).  I had planned to honeycomb quilt it (seen below).  I love how this quilting looks when it's finished and I think it would have been great on this quilt, but... it just wasn't going to happen. 

I hated the long stitch length that I got no matter how I tweaked the settings, and I was having huge problems with the quilt top shifting and getting folds in the back.  I never have those sort of problems anymore!  Finally I decided to rip out the quilting that I'd done so far (thankfully, barely any) and straight line quilt horizontally and vertically instead.

I got 1/4 of the way done yesterday, so just maybe this quilt will be done sometime in the near future.

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  1. Woohoo! A whole roll! I knew it was time to buy a whole roll of batting when I had made 10 quilts in a year (my goal for 2011 was 11 quilts and I bought the roll just in time for the 11th). I've slowed down in quilt making, but still loooove having the roll at the ready. You can see my roll of batting, kept in it's box, here:

  2. You are indeed an addict my friend. Let's hope that quilting isn't a gateway craft or you could be in trouble ^_^

    P.S. - I kind of want a batting roll too, it's so much more cost effective! Though challenging to store...

  3. LOL! I almost did that when Joann's had it on sale. I'll have to wait for the next time they do. You are not alone, my friend.