Thursday, July 25, 2013

What I did on my day off...

Tomorrow starts a 3-day weekend of 12-hour shifts, so I had a long list of things I wanted to get to today before I headed back to work.  I have plenty of UFOs that need to be worked on, so what did I do? Started a new project, naturally!!

Chain piecing like the wind!
I decided to make a throw quilt based on this one at Blue Elephant Stitches.  The biggest change I made was to make the boat's hull out of one piece so that I could showcase some novelty fabrics.  These cute little sail boats will be perfect for two little boys :)

Brights fabric selections

I selected my fabrics and cut them last night.  I went with my usual method of making two HSTs at a time by cutting squares and sewing on either side of the center diagonal. (Method #2 here.)  Making the hull pieces yielded 2 bonus HSTs per boat. I am thinking about using these as corner stones in the sashing, or else on the back.

Hulls and HSTs

Each boat gets 6 little HST sails.

Lots of sewing, pressing, and cutting and at the end of the day I have a stack of 16 cute little boats!

Can't wait until Monday when I can get back to work on this one. I have promised myself that this will not become another UFO :/

Yesterday was my last day at the job I've had for over 2 years at the embroidery shop.  I took the opportunity to make a few more embroidered panels for quilt backs.  These feature a poem that's been on the side of our refrigerator my whole life.  I made 5 in various colors.

"Cleaning and scrubbing
can wait 'til tomorrow
for babies grow up
we've learned to our sorrow

So quiet down cobwebs
dust go to sleep
I'm rocking my baby
and babies don't keep" 
Wilson had a rough day

Speaking of babies, Wilson had a rough day. (His least favorite parts by far were my attempts to give him Benadryl.) I think he got stung by a wasp or a bee; his face was swollen up like a chipmunk. I was worried about his breathing with so much swelling around his airway, especially since he is always so congested with his allergies already and gets winded easily.

a better picture of the swelling
Fortunately, he seems to be fine and by dinner the swelling had started to go down.   So the kitty is well, the laundry is done, a new project is well on its way and I guess everything is ready for me to go back to work tomorrow :)


  1. Poor Wilson! His swollen face is ridiculous. Cute boats though :)

  2. Those boats are cute for a boy quilt. It is hard to find cute boy patterns.

  3. That boat block is so cute! Can't wait to see more. You little chipmunk-cat is cute too!

  4. Poor Wilson,

    LOTS of smooches, and cuddles to him..
    eva - mom of Morris, Maxim, & Milo