Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tackling my oldest WIP

I finally have something on my design wall today.  It seems like it's been forever since I actually sewed for a quilt. Having a real job just saps all my energy.  But, this weekend I finally got motivated and inspired to put in some sewing time.

I saw the ad for the NYC Mod Guild's Double Wedding Ring Challenge and it reminded my of one of my earliest projects (the last post about it was in May 2010).  This quilt became something of a personal demon for me, but I have decided to try to tackle it again for entry into the modern, free-for-all category of the DWR challenge.  I have until December, so that should be plenty of time, right? (Hah!!) 

I called it "A Couple of Squares," a riff off the Double Wedding Ring, because I think the design is similar.  My first attempt (on top in the pic above) was so pitiful with seams not even close to matching I decided to just start completely over.  This time I am going to try for a rainbow color fade look, going from red at the upper left to purple and the lower right. I redrew the template larger and started to try again yesterday. 

Let's just say I quickly remember why I abandoned that particular project in the first place.

I haven't given up or changed my mind yet.  One block down, 15 to go!  If you haven't already checked out the DWR challenge you definitely should. There are 3 categories ranging from mini to full and traditional to modern, something for everyone!

Linking up to design wall Monday at Patchwork Times.


  1. Great pattern! I love the new red block!

  2. This is such a creative idea, but wowzer it looks hard! Good luck with it!

  3. Congratulations on pulling this out of hibernation. I think it'll be great. Wish I had your gumption. There's a couple in my closet crying out to me but I keep turning a deaf ear.