Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sew, cut, press, trim (repeat)

Here's the progress this week on the HST project.  180 HSTs so far pieced, cut, pressed, and trimmed.  And many, many more to go!  Ultimately these blocks will become a scrappy ocean waves quilt (inspired by the blocks they are making this month on the d.GS Joy circle).  Ocean waves is one of my very favorite blocks, I made a quilt of it before here.  That one was all blues, but this time I'm going rainbow.

I think I may have gone overboard cutting my scraps, though. I didn't count ahead of time but it's looking like I'll have way more blocks than I'll need to make even a pretty large quilt. Too many HSTs; good problem to have, huh?  :)

Linking up to Lee's WIP Wednesday.

1 comment:

  1. You thumb must be sore...so many squares...so many HST’s. You have been a busy bee. But think...you have got the uninteresting part done. Now you get to start sewing...the fun part :-)