Thursday, August 27, 2015

Twin Aggie Quilts

Howdy! That's what they say in College Station, home to the Texas A&M Fightin' Texas Aggies!

Sorry these are sideways, they were too long to hang vertically in my usual picture spot. Just, turn your head a little...
Hehehe.  To be honest, I am not particularly rabid about my college allegiances, but I did go to A&M (Class of 2010) and I had a blast there.  So when a friend asked me to make matching Aggie quilts for her nephews naturally I agreed.

The two quilts are almost the same, excepting that the logos are mirrored color schemes and placed on opposite sides. I found 3 A&M novelty fabrics and coordinating maroon and white tone on tones.

Since these are for grown men I made them 56"x80".  I would have gone a bit wider, but I wanted to avoid piecing the fleece backing which has a ~60" WOF.

I made the two logo panels using applique/reverse applique. For more on the process see this post.  I put an extra layer of batting behind all the letters, which made them stand up nicely.

For quilting I did a stipple but mixed in words that are significant to Aggies.  First I brainstormed a list which I kept by my sewing machine and mixed in as I went.  I had to brush up on my rusty cursive!

Well crap, I just realized that I spelled "Reveille" wrong
Aggies are famous for their excessive, some might say cult-like, obsession with a large variety of traditions. I had no shortage of significant sayings, people, places, and events to draw from.

Kyle Field, our football stadium. BTW it's really hard to sew a cursive uppercase "F"
I did not try to keep the wording all going right side up; I just turned them every which way.

"The Batt" is the student run newspaper
These quilts will not be officially gifted until Christmas, but my friend is excited about them and anxious to give them to her nephews. I really enjoyed getting back into the whole Aggie "thing" again.

Thanks and Gig 'em! ;)

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  1. Great job with FMQ'ing the words. That's really hard! I tried to do "Roll Tide" on the border of the quilt I'm doing for my dad, but I ended up taking it out and just FMQ'ing some waves!

  2. I second ^^^! Fabulous job on the quilting (you're much more adventurous than I am!).

  3. Oh what wonderful quilts. I love how their similar but not identical and the words in the quilting are fabulous; they're going to have so much fun seeing what's "hidden" in their quilts!

  4. Gig 'em? Ha. I have a Texas A&M bull (I think) on a keychain from my trip to Houston in oh, 2007? I liked the burgundy... These are great quilts, and I can see possibilites for Michigan or Detroit Lions quilts for my family... Cursive writing is the best way to improve your FMQ I think. Sadly, these days, most kids cannot cursive write to save their lives. You did a great job! And ya, some letters, or like dots over an i are pretty hard to do!