Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"Ugly" Challenge fabric quilt

There's another Covered in Love quilt in progress. This one is made from a bunch of donated blocks the Tyler Modern ladies made for a fabric challenge.  Despite making some lovely blocks they all disliked the purple/orange/green combo and were eager to get rid of their blocks. Mores the benefit for me!

I also just pulled some fabrics... If I could some how turn these into a finished quilt by Friday night that would be awesome.  It's possible, but not likely. We'll see.

Linking to WIP Wednesday.

Edit: Wednesday morning update. 100 blocks are made and pressed. Auditioning layout options.


  1. I like those sweet heart blocks and looks like you're well on track for a friday finish!

  2. Lovin' the colours in the blue/yellow quilt! Very Monet! Looking forward to seeing it when it's quilted!

  3. I did laugh when I read this post, that was a good challenge! Look forward to seeing just how you put those blocks together! I like the scattered values HST, good luck with getting finished in time!

  4. OMG 100 blocks?! Love the colours, reminds me of my quilt I did with Zen Chic Spheres fabric. You're making those ugly blocks shine there!

  5. I really like the little tree block:)
    Great colors in your fabric pull - hope you are heading toward a finish today!