Sunday, August 16, 2015

Wood Block Stamping on Fabric

Remember the wood block stamps I got? I tried them out using this tutorial and it worked really well up until the rinsing part.  As soon as I got water on the fabric the dye ran into the whole thing and turned it a light pink which stayed.  The dye was originally a nice dark maroon on white fabric.

I's kind of a nice tone on tone thing, I'm calling it a design feature instead of a bug.  Dye folks, any suggestions? Maybe I should iron the fabrics with a hot iron to try heat setting before any rinsing?

Two fabrics, about half a yard each. One monkey and one hummingbird print.

Overall I'm satisfied with the result. I have a navy dye I'm going to try next.  Also, blocks have been coming in for Covered in Love!

Summer sent in some blocks, you can check them out on her blog here.  Here they are are up on the wall with the blocks I made.  If you missed it before, I am asking anyone who wants to contribute flying geese blocks for Covered in Love this month. You can find the original post with tutorial and color scheme here.

Linking to Judy's Design Wall Monday.


  1. I'm sorry I missed your original post about donating blocks. I'll have to watch for your next months blocks. These flying geese are so much fun! Your wood block stamps are beautiful. The soft design will look great in a quilt.

  2. The soft colours of your wood stamps are so pretty I don't think anyone would have guessed they were a mistake if you hadn't said!

  3. Sorry about the dye running. Maybe check out Malka Dubrowsky's blog "A Stitch in Dye" or the "Field Trips in Fiber" blog for tips about dying fabric. So great to see my blocks up with the others! I am re-posting about your call for blocks on my blog today. Hope to see that design wall fill up!