Thursday, May 19, 2016

Team "J" Quilts

Continuing the parade of quilts from Covered in Love volunteers with two quilts that were a team effort. Johanna, who sent in the patriotic quilt top, also sent in these tops and Judy from Quilt Paradigm did a beautiful job quilting them.

Photos courtesy of Judy

Some of you saw these on Judy's blog when I linked them in a Sunday post, but I think they deserve their own post.

Judy did some really detailed feathers and loops on the HST quilt.  I actually added the blue borders and corner stones to this top to make it bigger. The blue borders were a John Deere novelty fabric donated to me; I cut around the logos and saved them for another day.

The more subdued, manly top got a basket weave quilting pattern for maximum texture.

Thank you to Jo, Judy, and all the volunteers that keep Covered in Love going.  Your support has allowed my little pet project to grow and grow beyond what I ever dreamed and your love has touched lives across East Texas.  If you're interesting in getting involved check out the main page or our monthly block drive.

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  1. Oh I love the colours in the first one and the quilting is just gorgeous and really pulls out the chevron!