Thursday, June 22, 2017

3D Geese, Fly Home

This is a super cool quilt, y'all.  Jannette from Canada sent in 4 tops, including this one, for me to finish for Covered in Love.  This one has a really neat 3D flying geese technique.  You can see some more close up pictures of how the geese work here.

This is such a sweet, soft quilt. I stippled it all over, avoiding running over the geese (mostly. There was so me unstitching that had to be done a couple times...)

The colors are not quite as washed out and soft as the pics make them look. I adjusted the colors on the one below to give a truer representation.  I wish I'd gotten a close up of that pink fabrics. It was so sweet, with little puff-ball flowers on it.

This is also a generously sized quilt, which is always nice. I'm sure it will be truly treasured by a family who needs it.

I love this design! It's essentially a rail fence block with 4 "rails" in each, 2 of them being the geese.  Thank you Jannette for sharing this quilt with CiL!

The current Covered in Love block drive is going on until the end of June if you want to help out.  More info here

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  1. Such a neat quilt! Thanks to Jannette for sending it in. I'm looking forward to seeing her other three pieces!

  2. What an AWESOME quilt!! You are right. Some family is going to LOVE it!

  3. That's such a pretty quilt & I really like the flying geese technique. Thanks will comfort a hurting family & they will be wrapped in love each time they use it.