Thursday, June 29, 2017

"Oh my Stars!" CiL Block Drive

Welcome Quilters to Covered in Love's July/August block drive!  Covered in Love makes quilts for patients who pass away in the hospital which the families can take home as a memento.  One big way we do that is through these bi-monthly block drives.  Anyone is invited to participate and make as many blocks as you like!

This will be another throwback quilt drive. We're repeating last summer's popular "red, white, and blue stars" theme. Families love these patriotic quilts!  The original post is HERE, but to sum up:
      1. 12.5" (unfinished) blocks
      2. red, white, and/or blue
      3. any pattern you would call a "star"
You can take a look at last year's finished quilt for inspiration here, here, and here.  You can also find links to a lot of patterns on last year's block drive page here.  As you can see, there's plenty of room to be creative. You can make a smaller star floating in a 12.5" block or make a single block with several small stars in it.  

Paper pieced, scrappy, wonky, modern or traditional, all stars are welcome!

I am so grateful to Cynthia for helping out by hosting last month's block drive. This time we're going back to me, so if you have two addresses for CiL now ship your blocks to Texas! If you would like to participate in the block drive please leave a comment below (make sure I can contact you) or email for the address to ship blocks.  This block drive will run through the end of August.

To see finished quilts from previous block drives click here.


  1. Perfect choice for a July block drive!! (And I was able to spot my block from last year in the quilt you shared.)

  2. Yeah! These were my favorite blocks to make

  3. So looking forward to this block drive and seeing all the beautiful blocks that come in. R/W/B quilts are one of my favorites & star blocks are a favorite of mine also. So this is a win/win block drive for me this time. Thanks to Cynthia for helping you out on the last block drive & thanks to you for ALL you do behind the scenes that we don't even know about. Hugs to Rey & Rory!

  4. OMG...i loved making stars!! I may get obsessed again. I adored these quilts that you pulled together. Each one is happy, patriotic, interesting and so fun. I can only imagine what you will do this time around. Hope all is well and that quilt you just posted with turkey-red stars is gorgeous. You continue to impress and amaze!!!

  5. I would love your address so I can send a block or two. Thanks for what you do. My email address is: bgk 44@ (naturally all tog, lol)

  6. Last month when Cynthia was putting blocks together and quilting them, she showed a map of where the blocks were from. I noticed that my state had not sent any. I am here to change that this month. Please send me your address so I can send the blocks I have completed.

  7. Hi I have a package for you. Please send address. Loved seeing my blocks and donation fabric last month. The blocks were also fun. The colors were happy. I am in Indiana but aren't we all one in Christ?