Sunday, November 27, 2022

Another Block Drive

 Hello quilty friends :) As you have heard, the Covered in Love block drive is currently taking a break over the holidays. I know this is a time of year when many people don't have a lot of time for quilting, but there are also a lot of you who are jonesing for something to do!

With perfect timing, Cynthia at Quilt is More Fun Than Housework has decided to start another program similar to CiL where she lives! She will be supporting her local hospital's Palliative Care Program as well as some other needs with quilts.  

She's just posted her first block drive request and if would make me really happy if you would send her lots of blocks! The block drive is super simple and in great colors (well, some of my favorite colors.) You can find all the details on Cynthia's blog HERE

Cynthia has been a great supporter of Covered in Love. Every year she takes some of our blocks to finish into quilts. She also guest-hosted a block drive once while I was out of town.  She's the best and I am thrilled she's taking the CiL concept and applying it locally!  Please visit her blog and think about making some blocks.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Kat! I read Cynthia's post and set to work making two sets of blocks for her. We won't talk about the reason I had to sew more than one set. Let's just say that I have apparently been doing WAY too much Improv piecing lately!

  2. I'm so happy to hear that Cynthia is helping families in her area! Off to go read about her block drive :)

  3. It’s pretty cool that Cynthia was inspired by you to start her own local block drive. Thanks Kat