Thursday, November 3, 2022

More Stars and Stripes

Another week, another finish post! I'm sorry I missed posting last week. I made a quick trip to San Francisco to visit a friend. I've always wanted to go to that city and had a great time! 

This week I have more red, white, and blue quilts to show. These first 4 were assembled and quilted by Pam M from block from the July 2021 block drive. I hope some of you can find your blocks in these photos. I took close ups of some of the coolest ones.

San Francisco was awesome and I'm looking forward to going back again soon. We walked a lot to visit different areas of the city and my legs and feet got so sore!

In the Castro I found a cool shop that had a section of quilting fabrics, housewares, souvenirs, toys, and in the back was a hardware store! Of course I got a couple cuts of fabric, I can't resist. 

We also walked through Golden Gate Park one day. Well I say "walked through", we covered less than a quarter of it, maybe a fifth. It's so huge! Coming from such a rural area it's cool and overwhelming to be in a city that has so many options for activity and entertainment.

On Sunday we went to an open studio event in an old military industrial area and visited lots of different kinds of artists. Really cool stuff, it reminded me of studio tours and gallery walks in Santa Fe. 

We drove down to Santa Cruz one day on the Pacific Coast Highway and visited some beaches, saw some sea lions, stopped at some coffee shops.  We packed a lot into a 3 day trip.

Last up is a group quilt made by Gail, Linda, Jeanie and Mary. I really like how the second to last border is white with just occasional strips of squares.

View of San Fran at night.

Covered in Love is a 501(c)(3) charity that donates quilts to patients dying in the hospital, over 1000 so far! The September/October block drive is live now.  Check out the main post HERE if you want to get involved. (The Nov/Dec drive will be up fairly soon, keep an eye out. But until then you can always contribute to the Sept/Oct one.)


  1. I'm glad you had such a great trip. That is one great city.

  2. The star quilts are really eye catching. Thanks ladies for your skilled quilting. Happy for you Kat that you had a nice visit with your friend in San Fran! You did a little of everything!

  3. More awesome Star quilts, Kat, and I'm glad to hear that your time away was pleasant!

  4. Another gorgeous batch! I continue to be amazed at how well the r/w/b star blocks always look together. The SF bay area is a great place to visit, and I'm glad you got to see the beaches, too :)

  5. The July block drive blocks get prettier & prettier each year. Thank you for posting those beauties. So glad you had a relaxing & fun time in San Francisco. Sounds like you packed in a lot in 3 days & came home with a tons of good memories.

  6. Sounds like an amazing trip! And fun quilts too. xo