Thursday, May 18, 2023

Still Raining, Back to Work

Yes, it's still raining as I write this! Typical Texas, keeping us on our toes. All the quilts in this post arrived finished from Erin, who has sent in many quilts before. She rounds the corners of all her quilts and I love it, I don't know why I don't do that more.

I'm back to work this week after enjoying a very needed break. Our patient census is high so it looks like it will be a couple long weeks again.

What do you guys think of this unusual arrangement of plus blocks and 9 patches? I don't think I've ever seen it before. 

I love this scrappy string top. It reminds me of the tops I made from 1.5" strings years ago. There's so much joy and chaos in a scrappy quilt. Thanks to Erin for these beauties :)

With all this rain we should be drowning in cucumbers in a few weeks. We've been getting a handful of strawberries every day for a month or so. I hope those of you who garden are also enjoying the rewards!

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  1. The nine patch quilt is quite modern and fresh! I agree that the rounded corners on Erin's quilts are neat. Such a nice finishing touch :)

  2. I liked the arrangement of plus blocks and 9 patches as soon as I saw it. I've never seen it before either. I do like the look of the rounded corners also. I'll have to try that myself. I like all of these quilts!

  3. I like the plus and nines. I don't think I've seen that combination, either. I haven't even thought of rounding corners! That is great looking. These are beautiful quilts, every one.

  4. All three are awesome scrap quilts, but I absolutely LOVE the setting on the +9 quilt!!!

  5. I love the plus and nine patch combination. Looks very fun and also modern to me. And no, I have not seen it either. xo