Thursday, June 1, 2023

Assorted Block Drive Quilts

Happy Friday quilters! This weekend I have quilts from Linda to show you. Linda has been such a busy worker bee for the past couple years helping to finish CiL quilts.

This geese quilt was Linda's contribution to the Sept/Oct 2022 drive, she made this one entirely herself. I really like this quilting design with the loops. 

This quilt is from the 2021 red, white, and blue stars drive. I recognize a lot of Mina's fabrics in there. 

Linda assembled and quilted the blocks. I know that quite a few of you helped Cynthia with her red white and blue churn dash drive. She's going to make that a yearly thing, so I hope it helps to scratch that patriotic quilting itch.

Next, 3 fall colored quilted from the 2021 Tall Nines block drive. There have been so many of these and I still love them!

Counting this post there are 29 done so far and posted on the blog. Six are done and not photographed yet. Two are out with a volunteer quilter. And 7 are still in block form. That's adds up to 44 quilts from this one drive once they're all done.

The Fall Tall 9s block drive was CiL's most popular block drive ever, by far!

I'm sure the runner up is one of the string drives, but I don't know which. 

I love the variety of patterns and color palettes these fall quilts have, the benefit of having so many different quilters participate! Hopefully soon I can have another block drive, but in the meanwhile watch Cynthia's blog, as the next block drive for Compassion Quilts should launch this weekend. 

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  1. I always love seeing the finished block drive quilts. So many hands making beauty and comfort!

  2. I think this block drive was so popular because it was a good match of pattern and theme. An easy block to make and fun Fall fabrics! What's not to love, Kat? :o))

  3. Great quilts and love the fall colors,

  4. I love the tall nines too. Great work from all.